Villa V Hotel – Anna brings you her top tips

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When Channel Mum asked me to create a video about villa and hotel holidays with kids I didn’t know where to begin.
After 10 years of travelling with kids I have learnt SO many things through trial and error when booking and going on holiday with my 3 boys. It is my pleasure to pass on these tips and experiences in the hope that they will be useful for you when deciding on a perfect holiday for your family. There are so many things that can make or break your villa or hotel holiday, my big problem was choosing the most important points so it wasn’t a 6 hour long video for you to watch!
Over the years I have travelled with my kids to Hawaii, South Africa, Thailand, Europe and Egypt. We have stayed in tents, yurts, caravans, hotels and villa’s. Each one of these places had it’s pluses and minuses. Travel time, kids entertainment, room configuration, safety, pool temp, facilities, food etc. all being things that can make or break a holiday with kids. Spending a bit of extra time researching and planning before your trip can make a MASSIVE difference to you all having the happiest, safest trip away.
Learn from my mistakes if you can and don’t book a 2 week holiday in a villa with an unheated pool. Check baby and toddler safety features. Find out what activities they do in the kids club and what items are included in any kids package offered. If you have a family of five or more how will your rooms/beds work out? What time does the buffet open in a hotel and how can you feed fussy eaters or heat baby bottles at other times?
This video points out the main pluses and minuses of villas v hotels. One holiday offers privacy and family time together but requires household chores and for kids entertainment to be provided by you. The other provides entertainment and service but can be noisy and social. Identifying whats important to your family is important in order to book the right place to go.
Hey Mummy and Channel Mum hope you have a fantastic, fun, safe holiday, xx
PS. For more info on the villa or the hotel in this video check them out here.

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