First Keys, Ted Triple Teether & Oscar Octopus – Ambi toys review


Ivy had her second delivery of Ambi toys a little while ago. As second child in the family it’s been so nice for her to have her very own brand new toys instead of us having dig out Tilda’s old baby toys from in amongst Disney Princess Dolls with matted hair and teeny little pieces of lego. Seriously how do you police all those little toys without eyes in the back of your head.?! Her little eyes did indeed light up at the new collection in front of her. First Keys, Ted Triple Teether & Oscar Octopus are three from the range that are perfect for her current area development. The First Keys were so easy for her to hold and wave around but also because of there being 4 keys there was a very good chance at least one of them would make it into her mouth if she tried to have a chew.


The triple teether, this is the one with a happy little teddy face, was bang on time for Ivy’s pesky first teeth to start breaking through. Because of this it’s imperative that it is easy clean, which it is, in fact all the toys are. There are no deep ridges to catch a build up of germs, food, saliva and snot that can’t be cleaned!! It’s even easy to chuck in the dishwasher if you so choose. The colours on these toys are vibrant and also neutral so perfect for boys and girls.  No one is pushing blue for boys and pink for girls at Ambi so a big thank you to them for that! They are also the perfect size for throwing into the nappy bag for when we are on the move. As you can see from the pictures they regularly make it to the local cafe so that mummy can get her caffeine fix!!!


Oscar the Octopus is a lovely size for Ivy to grasp with little wiggly legs for small fingers to play around with and create focus for her. Each of the toys we were sent have their own strength in terms of teaching and development and they are a perfect for collection to buy for your baby. They tick the boxes for sight, touch, grasping and even sound as things like the keys make a lovely clacking sound. The little teddy head on the teether also doubles as a rattle so it’s lovely for Ivy to see that when she shakes him he makes a sound. The amazing range of baby toys out there can be overwhelming but I always find the companies that have been around since I was a kid and that are still going strong, like Ambi, tend to be the winners as they know babies and they know what works.


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