Anna’s sleep theory

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Anna has been sleep deprived now for over 9 years and has tried everything to try and get more shut eye but the kids just won’t let her have that lie in! She’s been listening to a positive thinking cd, goodness knows you need it when you’re a parent, and now she thinks she has had a break through. Will her sleep theory pan out or is she quite frankly losing her mind?

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  • Anna, feel for you. Fred wasn’t my ‘getter upper’ but Gerry was always up at daybreak AND worked outside until sunset. Sunset here in Ulster, ‘cos we’re far North, can be 11pm ish!
    SO I kipped after lunch, either in the sun or more likely with our wet weather, in the conservatory.
    So sadly I enjoyed Winter with short days and log fires – at least I wasn’t sleepless for all the year! Make the most of school days! X

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