Pets – Yea or Nay?!

Anna decided that after 3 boys she wanted to extend the family just a little bit more, yep she’s taken the leap and bought the boys a family pet. She went for some adorable dwarf rabbits, but why rabbits and why did she think it would be good for her boys? On the other side Katy says ‘Hell no’ to pets right now, she’s quite happy visiting Anna’s!

Check out their discussion in this video and join in the conversation. Have you always been a pet family or would you not even want the extra responsibility of a fish?!

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.59.00

Join the discussion, would you want pets for your kids?


  • great discussion, I too had a lot of pets when I was younger, yet to get any for our family, it’s the expense that gets me

  • thisdayilove says:

    Thank you for joining #YourYoutube Lisa is on holiday this week so I am looking after the linky for her and have subscribed to your channel. We have two dogs, one we had before the girls and the other we rescued last year. My youngest is a real Dr Doolittle and loves both dogs, my eldest is seems to help her sensitive nature. It is hard work but I would be lost without them

  • Kelly New says:

    Katy, just an FYI, fish are not an easy option. We just had a goldfish that wasn’t allowed any friends until we got the water quality right. Unfortunately after 6 months we still didn’t manage it and poor Bella is now in a box in the garden. I think I might use the tank to get one of those battery fish to swim around in. :-). p.s I am not what you would call an ‘animal lover’ and even I got upset and stressed about the poorly fish. No more pets for me 🙂 x

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