Getting to know Katy

As part of our sponsorship with Channel Mum we are taking things back to basics so you can get to know us a bit better. In this video Katy is chatting about her relationship with Fred, how life as a mum began, how parenting has changed her and how her own mothers influence has shaped her as a mum.

We weren’t ‘trying’ for a baby and I think that is probably why we were incredibly lucky and got pregnant very easily. I think the moment you put the label of ‘trying’ on it you can add a lot of pressure to yourself


  • charliemoos says:

    I can totally relate! David and I have been together since we were 19/20. Until recently we’d been a couple longer than parents and the transition can be so difficult.


    Hi Katy:

    I do not see a way to contact you directly other than this section of your site.

    Your recent guest Sarah Chodhury recently invited me to connect on Linked In and that’s how I found out about you and Anna.

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    I am interested in having a direct conversation as I am interested in possibly acquiring your content for our distribution.

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