Breastfeeding struggles

Today our sponsor, Channel Mum, is driving a day getting us mums to discuss how breastfeeding isn’t always the smoothest ride and that for some mums there’s actually an incredible amount of pressure to breastfeed in the first place.

So how did it make you feel? Can you sum it up in one word? We found this incredibly hard to do, ultimately Anna and I ended up with positive words, ‘Rewarding & Satisfying’, but we didn’t get there without the hard ones first.

Challenging, hard, difficult, emotional, painful, stressful, awkward, exhausting!!!!

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Yes in the end Anna and I found the whole challenge of breastfeeding rewarding and satisyfing, when our kids put on weight and when they settled to sleep on our breast, but we didn’t get there without feeling all of the above words at some point. Anna particularly went to hell and back with her first son and it was never easy after that. Since making this video a few weeks ago I’ve actually found found that this time around it hasn’t been as easy as before due to Ivy having a tongue tie and also I’ve been finding that I have a hormone release as my milk lets down that makes me feel incredibly anxious. It’s apparently known as Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex and can be quite extreme in some cases. For me it’s that feeling that you had as a kid when you hadn’t done your homework or when you are in trouble. A sort of sicky feeling. It’s certainly not the worst breastfeeding problem there is but it’s still not pleasant and can make me feel pretty teary.

In this video we are chatting about the problems we encountered and the fact that it isn’t the easiest most natural thing to do for everyone.

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