Screen Time

Screen time, two little words that make most parents wince a little. How much is too much and how much are you really letting your kids have? Once you think about those cartoons you let your little ones watch in bed with you this morning to give you a few more minutes duvet time or that 10 or 20 minutes you let them have on your phone or ipad to keep them quiet while you hoovered or that down time after school to let them unwind have you really stayed within the recommended 30 minutes? Well in this video Katy and Anna talk about how much their kids are getting and how they feel about it.

Please do add any comments you may have on how you manage your kids screen time and even any tips.


  • Jules says:

    Really interesting discussion. Left a comment on the video but forgot to tag #YourYoutube 😉

  • Kara says:

    managing screen time with little ones is easy as they can be easily distracted! We have strict rules with our 6 year old too and although he does try to push the boundaries, because we are consistent he is fine at sticking to them. It’s the teen we struggle with. His phone is constantly in his hand (watching YouTube videos) or he’s on the laptop or games console. They don’t go out to see their friends anymore but chat online instead!

    • It’s such a hard thing for our generation to get our head around. I’m sure our parents probably felt the same about us growing up with all the new modern things that were coming in but it really is on another level for our kids isn’t it? Getting the balance right is such a challenge, even when you get teens together they still sit on their phones. The problem is I am addicted to my phone too so I need to start with myself! 🙂

  • Lisa H says:

    Interesting topic ladies. Tbh screen time is something I try not to think about too much, there are many different a aspects to parenting and I find the mummy guilt too much ok this topic. I do let my children watch tv and for me it has been a saviour to give me a break. Everyone does things their own way don’t they x

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