Operation Christmas Child

Christmas presents are wonderful things to receive and give to your kids but what do you do when you see your kids in the frenzy of ripping wrapping paper grabbing for the next present without a second look at the last one? Well this is something that both Anna and Katy have dealt with and so decided it was time their kids learned about the importance of giving, particularly at Christmas. It’s not all about religion either, it’s simply showing them that there are children in the world that won’t be opening presents on the 25th and may not even have a roof over their heads let alone a Christmas dinner. Operation Christmas Child (an initiative of Samaritans Purse) looked like the perfect option for them, so in this video Katy and Anna are telling you all about it and why it was right for them.


Most drop off points will have now taken their final donations of shoeboxes made by you but you can still make a shoebox of gifts online to send to a child in need.

NB – Pictures used in video are from the Operation Christmas Child website.

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