Homework Headaches

Have you come to the end of your tether when it comes to getting your kids to do their homework? Has it ended in their tears or yours or both? Well Anna from Hey Mummy feels your pain. She’s had a rough week of it and she’s sharing it with you along with some of the methods she tried to get her son to finish his english and history homework. If you have any helpful tips please comment below we would love to hear them!

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  • Lyndsey Regan says:

    Ahh Anna – I feel your pain. I also have a gorgeous 8yo boy who is reluctant to do his homework. When he was younger we used to do his spelling lists in the morning for ten minutes, or in the car, or even write them in shaving foam when in the bath. But now homework is more complex and it’s like pulling teeth. Our homework often gets set on a Monday and is due back on a Friday so just this week I’ve started a reward chart. He needs to do 10 mins reading, 10 mins maths, 10 mins spelling /sentences every day and he gets a ticks for all that he does. If he gets all the ticks for the week he gets to pick from the prize box on a Friday. This way it’s up to him, I don’t nag but no prize if he doesn’t get his homework finished. In fact, I’m off to get some appropriate trinkets today for this afternoon, as I’m happy to report it’s been a really GOOD week! X

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