Home Birth

Have you been considering a home birth but you’re not quite sure what that will entail? Then have a listen to what Anna from Hey Mummy said of her own home birth experience.

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  • elliotriss says:

    Ladies, loving the vlog!
    Must say a few words to this fairly topical subject….
    Having had as 3 extremely different birthing experiences potentially possible (c section with #1, then a hospital vbac with #2 and home water birth with #3) my feeling is that not enough is done to empower women to permit themselves to go into ‘labour land’. I personally LOVED my home birth and would do it again tomorrow, but wherever people choose to birth, be that hospital, home or other, I believe that more needs to be done to show women they can do this without intervention (again to reinforce the risk assessment comments which are important). I did hypnobirthing with my home birth and it taught me that my body was capable of doing this. We have become so clinical as a society – we have a headache, we take a pill, we don’t talk about primal things like birth openly. Our bodies were made for this. Too many women have negative experiences they feel they must share to almost help them cope with it but it needn’t be like that. I had a wonderful experience with my home birth and have shared that with as many of my friends (who were interested!) as I could. The more we can talk about there being CHOICES available the better in my opinion. Well done girls for bringing awareness to there being labour choices. I salute you 🙂 x

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